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This is a blog created for students in high school and in college to see another view into the college life. From a major university to a community college, you name it. There will be a panel of students to answer your questions and share their stories.

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Graduating high school:


Suddenly having adult responsibilities:


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Here, take a well-deserved study break and appreciate the beauty and encouragement of some of the most attractive males I’ve ever seen.

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Sophomore Year…

So since we last talked:

-I turned 19.

-I got an amazing God loving boyfriend.

-I decided to change my major.

-I started planning mission trips for next year.

Okay so turning 19, not too terrible exciting… but I had my closest friends and family there… it meant the world to me. Oh and my bro tore open his back on our ghetto slip n slide.

The amazing God loving boyfriend? Yeah. I stopped looking for a boyfriend and started praying to God and started waiting for the one that God felt was worth my time. Now I’m dating a boy that loves God just as much or more as me, is straightedge too, and just an overall wonderful person that loves me. I could not be more blessed to share my life with Chris Christie II. <3

I changed my major… I will officially be changing it on Wednesday, but I realized. I don’t want to go into Marketing as much now… Too much math and economics… blegh. So I’m going to be a Communications major… It’s funny because my senior year, I had a professor tell me that I should and I was very “Ehhhh” about it. I should go and thank him. I realized it combined my love of talking and writing…and I could do these things while being involved with people. I could even get to use my photography with my writing! I’m so happy. Also, once I get my Bachelor’s in Communications, minor in Spanish… I want to join the program Teach for America to help teach students living in poverty. 

& The missions trips? Well first and foremost, I feel a strong calling to go to my “ethnic home” of Puerto Rico. I want to go visit family, experience my culture, work on my Spanish, but most importantly… help my people and show them God’s love.

So yeah! That’s what’s been going on in my life since we last talked. Quite a bit right? :)




This summer two people I knew died. In one week. One was a car accident. One was a suicide. One was from my high school. One was from my college. I miss them. The one from my college was like a brother to me.

I just want you all to know if you’re grieving, I understand. I’m here for you.

Or if you’re thinking about suicide, don’t do it. You’ll be missed. Also, in here for you too if you need to talk.

People love you. I miss these people and I can’t believe they’re gone.

Hello Again,

I had time and i thought i would drop by and leave some words of encouragement. I have 6 weeks left of school- 6 weeks left of being a College Freshman. It still blows my mind to think about. I have a lot of projects coming up, and with the yearbook being put together i will have less time then i do now in these next weeks. This coming Wednesday is Work Day, which is when everyone on campus comes together to do big projects to help our WWC community. I’m pretty excited about it :) Other than that, i’m just trudging along with classes and such. I hope all of you are doing wonderful on your campus searches. Oh, and i almost forgot, i’m having a prospective student stay with me tomorrow night. That should be fun.

PS. If you have any questions about WWC, hit up my personal blog-

Hey Everyone!

So the week before last was my spring break. I went home to PA with a friend to grab my car that my mom bought and to show her around. It was a pretty chill week. 
Got back to school around 6 on Sunday and it was a fast drive but i was really tired. The campus all bloomed over break, and it’s beautiful and all but it isn’t cool with someone with allergies. All week i’ve been sick and tired and lazy. I’m trying to do work this weekend to compensate- but it isn’t going to well. Sometimes you just have those weeks- just can’t let yourself get stuck there. The weather has been in the 70’s all week until today when it thunder-stormed.  I am now trying to work on a comparative essay about westerns that i got a C+ on. Wonderful. 7 more weeks!

I hope everyone is doing well and that this blog has helped some of you decide on colleges. 


hey there!

hope everyone is having a great time lately :)

last week was my spring break, and i spent every single day of it in beautiful Brunswick, Georgia at an ultimate frisbee tournament with 100 other teams from all over the country! yes, it was a typical spring break with sun, beach, and drinking; literally cannot deny that. it was a fantastic first spring break in college, and that’s all i’m basically going to say since it’s probably easy to figure out what happened when we weren’t playing :p

and uh…today was my first day back, and the temperature difference of 20 degrees is not enjoyable. i was able to spend every day and night there in shorts and a t-shirt, while i’m basically forced to wear jeans and sweats/sweatshirt daily now :\ oh well, i just cannot wait till summer in a month and a half <3

that’s pretty much it; just a quick update and all :)
any questions, just ask me! (

~~ kristen :D 


Hey everyone it’s Chelsea here…

So I finally feel like I’m making a difference in my life. I’m starting to make more connections at shows and I’m even more outgoing than I used to be. I’ve been meeting some really awesome people and taking videos at shows. It’s fun :)

Side note: Working at DQ today was not so pleasant.

Also, I redyed my underlayers and honestly, you can’t tell all that much… Darn…there is also now a purple streak too haha.

I’m on spring break currently and classes are going pretty well. I’m swamped with music theory homework currently.


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