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This is a blog created for students in high school and in college to see another view into the college life. From a major university to a community college, you name it. There will be a panel of students to answer your questions and share their stories.

Under Construction

Hey Everyone!

So the week before last was my spring break. I went home to PA with a friend to grab my car that my mom bought and to show her around. It was a pretty chill week. 
Got back to school around 6 on Sunday and it was a fast drive but i was really tired. The campus all bloomed over break, and it’s beautiful and all but it isn’t cool with someone with allergies. All week i’ve been sick and tired and lazy. I’m trying to do work this weekend to compensate- but it isn’t going to well. Sometimes you just have those weeks- just can’t let yourself get stuck there. The weather has been in the 70’s all week until today when it thunder-stormed.  I am now trying to work on a comparative essay about westerns that i got a C+ on. Wonderful. 7 more weeks!

I hope everyone is doing well and that this blog has helped some of you decide on colleges. 


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